Responsive Portfolio Builder


Build a responsive portfolio builder that allows users to easily create and customize their online portfolios. The application should have the following features:

User Authentication:

Allow users to sign up, log in, and manage their accounts.
Users should be able to reset their passwords.
Portfolio Creation:

Users can create a new portfolio with a personalized title and description.
Include a feature to upload a profile picture.

Users can customize the layout, color scheme, and typography of their portfolio.
Implement a drag-and-drop interface for rearranging portfolio sections.
Section Options:

Provide pre-built sections like About Me, Projects, Skills, Contact, etc.
Allow users to add, edit, and delete sections as needed.
Content Editing:

Enable users to add projects, skills, and other content to each section.
Implement a rich text editor for detailed content customization.
Responsive Design:

Ensure the portfolio is fully responsive for various devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile).
Preview and Publish:

Include a preview mode for users to see how their portfolio looks before publishing.
Allow users to publish their portfolios and share a public link.

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